Recently Sisterlocked had the chance to interview Kori Davis (also known as @geauxldie_locs), who went a bit viral after sharing one of her gorgeous selfies on Sisterlocked's Facebook page! Inquiring minds wanted to know all about her gorgeous blonde traditional locs and Kori was more than willing to share.

Why locs?

Before I started my locs, I changed my hair constantly. It was never the same for long, from color to style. I often found myself consumed in what I could do next. But on the flip side, I hated doing my hair everyday.

One day I was on Instagram and saw a beautiful woman with amazing locs and fell in love with the idea of locs. It took me about a year or two to actually go through with it, and when I did, I never felt so liberated!

How has your views around your hair and your own beauty been impacted by having locs? 

Honestly, I’ve never felt more beautiful! My hair being loc’d has forced me to focus more on myself, on who I am as person. I had to focus on my assets as well as my flaws. It allowed me to understand how I didn’t need this or that to feel beautiful, I just needed to let all of that go and really focus on me. Before, I was so focused on the next color, next wig, next style... Which was extremely time consuming, overwhelming as well as expensive.

How has your beauty regime changed and give us the details? 

My regime has changed drastically! It’s far more simple than I can explain.

Before it was braids, twist outs, wigs, etc. I use to have to sit hours for braids. I spend hours twisting my hair in order to try and get the perfect twist out, by the way it never came out right. I don’t even know how much I spent on wigs, it's ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, they all looked amazing, but LORD time was not on my side with them.

Now, I have so much freedom and time! I usually get my hair re-twisted once a month and I do my own roots about once a month. At the most, I spend $70 a month to get my hair done, that includes conditioning and moisturizers. I am no professional, but I do maintain my own color. I was blonde before I started my locs. So when I recolor them, I only touch up my roots. Those products are about $20. You can't beat that at all!

What have been some of your pros and cons of having locs?

Pros are it's pure freedom! No more spending 100s of dollars on hair or getting my hair done. No more spending hours in the salon. No more not knowing what to do to with my hair. No more late nights doing twist outs. A lot of people have the misconception that you’re only stuck with one style but that isn’t true. You can change your style easily. There are no cons to me. They’re amazing!

Who would you recommend locs to?

I would recommend locs to anyone who is in search of finding out who they truly are. To anyone who wants pure peace and freedom!

What are some of the costs associated? (cost to have them started, maintain, etc)

Traditional locs aren’t very expensive. When I started mine, the method used was comb coil and it cost around $60. I get them re-twisted once a month for about $40/$50. I’m not sure if size changes the price, but for mine that’s the ball park price. I also live in Louisiana, so that may factor in to the cost as well. The amazing woman that does my beautiful locs name is Kris and her IG is @blackgirlsrock1190, definitely check her out.

Where can we find you on the internet (Instagram, blog, Vlog, etc.)

You can follow me on IG: @geauxldie_locs
A YouTube channel is currently in the works so stay tuned!