In my experience with both sisterlocks, the trusty afro and relaxed hair; Dull and limp hair or oilier gummy "danruff" is usually due to build-up. Product build-up is more than a cosmetic problem, it can damage hair by not allowing moisture to penetrate and stunt growth because of clogged follicles. Even the simplest routines, lightest products and our own natural hair oils (sebum) can lead to buildup if left unchecked.

Product buildup is most often the result of not thoroughly rinsing your hair. For those that use heavy products (for example mineral oil based) or work out regularly, this can be even more of an issue. My hair regime consists of light store bought and even lighter homemade concoctions and I have buildup issues from time to time. Sisterlocks in their infancy are not suppose to be exposed to heavy oils or conditioners for a number of reasons but old habits die hard. Because almost all my close female family members and girl friends are natural, I find myself still buying the same products to make conditioners for them. So I tweak those recipes for my sisterlocks.
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Product build-up can be combated with a consistent and thorough cleansing routine and clarifying from time to time. I can tell when I have not cleansed my scalp and hair thoroughly,either I leave the shower with patches of grey oily goop still present or my hair does not have a natural bright sheen.

There are many different clarifiers but my favorite is Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV has many benefits:
  • Reveals your hair's natural sheen by removing product residue
  • Damaged hair has upraised cuticle on a microscopic level and ACV can help them close and gives a shinnier appearance while making hair easier to detangle.
  • On some fancy chemical level that I am not going to get into dealing with pH, it helps conditioners penetrate hair better
  • It prevents devastating hard water build-up
Here is a past post with a ACV treatment and instructions.

Though ACV is my clarifier of choice there are other options:

So the moral of the story is cleansing is as important to the beauty and health of your hair as conditioning.