I have not done a video in what seems like eons. Simply because I have yet to get a camera with a quality record feature. If I do return to making sisterlock videos, I want them to be of the highest quality for y'all. Frankly I don't even know if there is a true demand for me to do this. There are great girls out there already making videos to support our journies, is another one needed?  And lastly I do nothing to my hair outside of my cleanse and conditioning routines, I love my tresses free flowing and simply. But, I would attempt style and update videos with only the highest qulaity products if there was strong support from my site regulars to do so!

Here is one, a quick search yielded. I would not use that gel, simply because of my ingredient snob status but, I loved Jam in my "baby hair" days. :)

This is a personal favorite, totally my style:

 This video just seemed like a sisterlock informercial, which was awesome!