Taking care of your skin through the ages does not need to be difficult or expensive. Your skin issues may change over time. From oily to dry patches, from breakouts to adult acne and maybe even the the minimizing of wrinkles or retaining skin elasticity.

Don’t stress it, this skin care routine should help.

1. Put the right things IN your body
Though I do highly recommend balancing your processed food intake with raw food and whole food dishes, don’t worry if you are not ready to overhaul your entire diet, one simple drink every morning may be a game changer for your skin. Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and unfiltered honey in a cup of room temperature or hot water and sip. Drink an additional 24 ounces of water slowly over an hour and then have breakfast. The ACV help’s by nourishing your gut and flushing out toxins. ACV also works as a great topical treatment for acne.

2. Cleanse
Find a face-wash that cleanses without completely stripping your face of life. I have been using Davita Naturals daily for about three years now. This all natural cleanser has gentle ingredients that loves on your skin while removing dirt and excess oil. I recently added 100PercentPure's:

3. Tone
I discovered toning 4 years ago and it has made all the difference in my complexion. A complete game changer, I will always recommend a natural and gentle toner. I currently use Thayer’s Witch Hazel but I have also used a home made toner with apple cider vinegar at the base.

4. Moisturize and Prevent Premature Aging
I use multiple moisturizing skin care products that pamper and maintain my skin sexy including
Vitamin A & Vitamin C Night Balm from 100 Percent Pure
Andalou Naturals moisturizer
CoQ10 Super Repair Eye Crème from Derma-e
Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Daily Shade Facial Lotion SPF 18
Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell BB Benefit Balm Un-Tinted SPF 30

5. Don’t stop at the face
Remember to moisturize your neck and develop a routine that cares for the skin elsewhere. I often use my facial cleanser on my clavicle and upper chest to prevent acne in that area. I also exfoliate my butt, legs and underarms (check out my DIY scrubs here and here) pretty regularly and moisturize with a homemade oil mix.