I mentioned recently that my baby shower hair was a massive fail and that I would try a few styles for labor and delivery. I want my post childbirth hair do to be some what cute as I take pictures and receive visitors. It seems silly but those pictures come back to haunt you! I also want to start the journey of re-claiming my non-pregnant self right.

My first attempt at the turban went really well. It survived a long drive out of town to visit the in-laws. For once I did not have to worry about the strange disheveled hair I always seem to get after falling asleep during a road trip.

I really like this look and received tons of compliments! It went so well that my sister tried her hand at it. She dry twisted the front and then untwisted.

Untwisted version...

The side view is even cute!

I will definetely do a twist out on my sisterlocks the next time for a more textured look!